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Martin Luther King Speach Analysis

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Martin Luther King – I have a dream
Lavet af: Emilie Ina-Rose Voigt Venningbo – 2.x – Tårnby Gymnasium – 2013

  The priest, Martin Luther King, who held the speech “I Have a Dream” in front of the Lincoln Memorial, at August 28, 1963. It was held in front of a lot of African American, who were fighting for their rights to be just as “normal” and has a many rights as the white people.

  Martin Luther King is the sender of the speech and was in the speech talking about offering peace between the white, and African Americans. He was encouraging to a peaceful revolution. He was trying to send a message to the white people, to stop all the racism. He asks them not to stands in the way for the changing of the African Americans rights, and not to let race and colour decide if the person has rights, and to accept the people as they are.
    The ambition with this speech was to give his opinion, encouraging the people to start a peaceful revolution, and stop racism.

  Martin Luther king was using Logos, Ethos and Pathos to make sure of what he means, which is a different kind of argumentation in a speech. At the start of the speech, Martin Luther King was using a lot of feelings, which is pathos. He is talking to all the people in the nation, and calls the demonstration for the biggest in history. He then shows, that he thinks, it will change the future.   Martin Luther king was referring to a lot of what, Abraham Lincoln has said. As Lincoln was against slavery in the 1850´s. King was also using Ethos; he was referring to a smart man, which people believed in, similar referring to an expert in another subject. He was also using the bible as proof of his words, as people in the USAs common believes in the good, and goes to church will this seems like an “expert” to: “glory of the lord”. Martin Luther King repeats himself many times. He says some words again and again, and repeats some specific sentences as “I have a dreamed” and “I believe”. He talks a lot...


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