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Chronic kidney failure is when a disease or disorder damages the kidney so that they are no longer capable of adequately removing fluids from the body or proper level of certain kidney-regulated chemicals in the bloodstream.
Chronic kidney failure, also known as chronic renal failure, it affects 250,000 Americans annually. It is caused by a number of disease and inherited disorders, but the progression of chronic kidney failure is always the same. The kidneys, which serve as the body ‘s natural filtration system, gradually lose their ability to remove fluids and waste products (urea) from the bloodstream. They also fail to regulate certain chemicals in the bloodstream, and deposit protein into the urine. Chronic kidney failure is irreversible, and will eventually lead to total kidney failure, also known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Without proper treatment intervention to remove wastes and fluids from the bloodstream, ESRD is fatal.
I choose this topic because I dealing with kidney failure/disease now, I have been dealing with chronic kidney since I was about 2 or 3 months old I was in Chicago IL, the cause of my kidneys to fail was because I had bargain syndrome, when I was six years old I receive my first kidney transplant my father donated me one his kidneys in 2000, the kidney last for about four years and I was back on dialysis but not for long because I receive another transplant in 2005 it lasted up until I was a freshman in high school. Now am 19th I’ve been on dialysis for about six years now, I would rather have a kidney than be on dialysis but I don’t have one so this is my life now getting up early and going to my treatments. Dialysis is the only thing keeping be alive and god and I appreciated.
Living donor kidney transplant is the preferred treatment option for patients with end stage renal disease. The out come of this type of transplant are superior to waiting for several years on the deceased donor transplant list while on dialysis. 38...


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