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I would like to interpret the text which is called “ The   Escape ” written by W.   Somerset   Maugham . He was a famous English novelist, playwright and short-story writer of the end of the nineteenth and of the twentieth centuries. His first novels were not successful. But gradually he gained a success, he became internationally celebrated, his plays were performed all over the world. Among his famous work are “Lady Frederic”, “Moon and Sixpence”, “Ashenden”, “Cakes and Ale” and many others. Thanks to his work he became known as a master of human soul, a wise man who not only knows how to depict, the hypocrisy and brutality of bourgeois society, but also has the ability to portray different characters in clear and natural Manner.
The text under   interpretation   is the story about a woman who made up her mind to marry to a man who tried to avoid it and to extricate himself at any price. This ironic story discloses the problem of nature of relations between men and women.
The main characters of the text are the narrator, his friend Roger Charing and Ruth Barlow.
In the first person narration the narrator tells that there is no way for a man to   escape   from a woman who decided to marry him at any price but instant flight. One of his friend seeing the inevitable loom menacingly before him was so conscious of the danger to be married that he took the first ship and went away for twelve months it the hope of being forgotten by the woman. But he was never to extricate himself and avoid the meeting with that woman. After his returning the first person he saw was that little lady gaily waving to him from the quay. But the narrator knew only one man who managed to extricate himself in such situation. That was Roger Charing. Here is the exposition written in the ironic tone. Such epithets as instant flight, inevitable loom, the narrator’s note “with a tooth brush for all his luggage, so conscious was he of his danger and the necessity for immediate action” make this...


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