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Oscar Pistorius

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Question 1
The first issue would be the inferior police investigation as the police failed to locate a bullet that hit the toilet basin, it was only discovered by the defense's forensic team four days later. The second issue was the fact that Pistorius claimed that he unintentionally fired at Steenkamp through a locked door, thinking she was a burglar. (Anonymous, 2013)
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Question 2
As stated in (Black's law dictionary, n.d), premeditated murder is used to describe a murder that was thought out in advance and was carried out malevolently. Pistorius' lawyer will object the prosecution firstly beacuse of the lacklustre police investigation. Because the police hadn't found a bullet that hit the toilet during their investigation, the bullet was only found four days later. Secondly, the witnesses were inconsistant as one of them was at least 300 metres away while the other witness misheard the number of gunshots. Thirdly, Pistorius was extremely afraid of being burgled, thats why he admitted to sleeping with a pistol, machine gun, cricket bat and baseball bat.(Anonymous, 2013)
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Question 3
Firstly witnesses said that they heard the couple quarreling at two or three in the morning. A crowd of witnesses heard a lady's scream followed by silence and gunshots thereafter.(Anonymous, 2013)   If it was an accident, he would have stopped shooting after hearing Steenkamp's screams. And the fact that they were arguing proves there was a motive. And lastly, would be Steenkamp's empty bladder, as it is very unlikely for a person's bladder to be empty in the wee hours of the morning. Meaning, Pistorius would have known Steenkamp was in the bathroom. (Chase, 2013, para 7)
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Question 4
Firstly,some of the witnesses were quite far off, nearly 1,000 feet away, as they misheard the number of gunshots, proving their inconsistancy. The second reason would be the fact that lead detective Hilton Botha is being charged with seven attempted...


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