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In many countries the level of the crime is increasing and crimes are becoming more violent

unfortunately it is true that crime in most of the countries is increasing. governments try to react, decrease and tackle this problem. they want to deter and control it by passing strict laws , building prisons , imposing fine.
in my worldview one of the most important reason is poverty. almost crimes are being committed by the poor who live in a bad situation and low rank of the community that they can not make ends meet. for instance a little poor boy who is starving to death because of poverty has to steal a loaf of bread. on the other hand a greedy man who is extremely wealthy and has malicious thought, start to forgery and fraud in order to gain more money and power . the punishment of these two people have to be distinguished based on intensity and acuteness of a crime. the punishment of every crime categorized by the government and the law.
besides there should not be any discrimination between people so no one is above the law . people should respect the laws , moreover they can take deterrent measures to decrease criminal acts .
one of the important way to solve this problem is the upbringing of our children . governments, families and also school can teach children how to be a low abiding citizens. government can held workshop classes for children to raise awareness and teach them how to behave in the regulated society. moreover parents are their role model and children follow their examples and footsteps so parents try to be a law abiding citizen and obey the rules.
But crime will continue anyhow , especially in crowded and populated cities unless government find an effective way to tackle and overcome the problem. actually however government try to deter a crime , offenders find a way to break the laws .


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