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How has Green House Effect Contributed to the Food Crisis across the World?
Food is an essential part of people’s life. Its craving starts from the moment they were born and remains till the moment you die. If not taken in regularly, the body starts to weaken until you ultimately die from starvation.
A food shortage is a widespread scarcity of food, caused by several factors including crop catastrophe, population disturbance, government policies or climate change (i.e. global warming). This occurrence is usually followed by regional malnutrition, starvation, plague and increased death rates. Every continent in the globe has gone through a period of famine throughout history. Some countries in continents like Africa are still constantly facing malnutrition and food shortage because of their geographical location.
In recent years, the intensity of the food shortage in the extreme poverty and population zones has amplified extensively. This is because of the problem of greenhouse-effect giving rise to global warming.
Why I Chose This Topic?
Food shortage is a global issue; but one of the countries that is most affected is India. The situation is worsening as the time goes on. This is mainly affected by uneven cycle of rainfall and decrease/increase of the temperature. The rising of the food prices have caused food shortage in my country. So I want to know that is it really the global warming that is affecting the production of crops across the world?
Global Perspective
Fluctuations in the world's climate will cause major shifts in food production. In some countries, temperatures will rise and rainfall will decrease; in others, rainfall will increase. In addition to this, coastal overflowing will decrease the amount of land existing for farming.  
Due to the enormous doubts surrounding global climate change, estimates of cropland declines differ widely--from 15% to 50%. But this is considerably clear: greenhouse-effect is likely to vary production of...


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