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Living Area

    In today‚Äôs world,people need to live independent from their families after a certain age.Either working life or studying life lead to live another place.Some people prefer living alone whereas others prefer living with a housemate.This decision is difficult for many people.Therefore one must think bad and good sides of these options.
    In the primary place,living alone might be benefical.He/she can design your own apartment what to want.nobody can disturb or interfere.He/she can act freely.For instance,he/she listens to music loudly or hangs out with him/her friends.Nobody tell that be quiet.There fore there is no classic roommate problems.Also he/she might learn how to survive singly.When he/she faces a trouble,he/she will learn to find away in course of time.In short,the aforementioned issues are quite clear truths and results in living alone.
    In second place,living a housemate might seems useful.One may feel better economically.The expenses are paid together,it means that saving more money.When you have a trouble,you can share with housemate and get suggestions.Additionally,when you are ill,there will be someone who take care of you.This situation might be advantageous for him/her.Also you learn sharing better.Generally if he/she lived with someone,he/she would know sharing better. To illustrate cooking, house-cleaning and sharing common living area contribute to know ways of sharing.In brief,these are obvious facts to living with someone.At least should be tried.
    Taking into close consideration the aforementioned issues,people must think entire situation about this issue.This topic varies from person to person.As far as I am concerned people should choose the best for themselves.


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