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The History of British Schools

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1.Education and educational system in Britain have long and interesting history. There were lots of changes during the progress.
13-14 века
2. Schools were attached to monasteries and churches to educate clerics who were the civil cervants and the scholars of the time as well as monks, nuns and priests.Education had no direct control by the state, the church had been almost a monopoly of literacy and education.Existed chantry schools for boys from poor families, beating was highly recommended in chantry schools and was an importany part of school and home education; song schools attached to cathedrals and almonry schools attached to monasteries for sons of those connected with the religious house to which they were attached or for relatives of monks.After song and almonry schools young men knew alphabet, were able to sing religious songs, to read Latin prayers and to read in English.Different from chantry schools in the song & almonry schools beating was not recomended, those who broke the rules felt the rod without delay and if anyone knew Latin but spoke English or French with companions or with the clerk, had a 'blow from the rod' for every word
3. Then in Britain of those days existed preparatory and grammar fee-paying schools for sons of merchants. In preparatory schools were taught reading and writing in Latin and English sufficient for entering a grammar school, and in grammar school itself were taught Latin and Divinity. After leaving grammar school a young man knew Latin Grammar, was able to translate from English into Latin, could sing in Latin and compose 24 verses a day, in grammar schools young men took part in debates conducted in Latin.The in Britain also existed home education for future monarcs, sons of noblemen. Men were taught military arts and court etiquette so the school-leavers had some military skills and skills in courty accomplishments. Then during the 12th and 13th centuries were some private foundations: by the bishop of...


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