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Child Labor Must Be Banned

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It is safe to say that the aim to protect child rights and to thwart child labor is not all unsuccessful. The article says that some corporations in Bangladesh respect child rights and they care about how vulnerable the children are. And these business companies try to avoid child labor knowing the fact that child labor deprives a child of proper psychological and physical development, which can simply annihilate a young mind in an early age. One of these companies, Rahimafrooz, is running two projects to support marginalized and unprivileged children. So it can be said that some steps are taken to soil child labor. The main thing about business is that it needs to be done by mature people, not children, so the business companies should not employ any children in their companies and neglect child rights.

This article was written about how some large companies are shunning child labor and trying to promote child rights. So the target audience was business people and working people, so that these sorts of people also learn to respect the rights of a child. And normal people were also targeted to learn about how some steps were taken to thwart child labor. To inculcate a feeling of protecting child rights and to let these people know more about the improvement could be the main purpose behind this article.

According to Pankaj Karmakar children have survival and development needs that differ from those of adults, which are a fact that any much educated person would accord with, so do I. Child labor may take away all the hopes to be a normal educated person of a child, which is not the same when it comes to the adults. It feels better to acknowledge that child rights are not ignored and to know that the large companies are aiding the slum-residing marginalized children and accommodating these unprivileged children with medical assistance is much appreciated and liked.

This article only talked about a few corporations that are assisting marginalized children and...


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