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Assignment 1 – 120 marks, 7 %.

Ok guys and girls it’s finally here... your awaited assignment. In this assignment you will be tested on the concepts related to the basic syntax, file I/O, collections and other utilities in Java.

Develop a program to automate the business of a Painting Gallery. The Gallery has the following files in the database:

Customers.txt: Paintings.txt: Artists.txt: Transactions.txt: CreditCards.txt:

CustomerId,Name,Address,Phone,CreditCardNumber PaintingId,Name,Style,ArtistId,CostPrice,Status ArtistId,Name,Country,Expertise PaintingId,CustomerId,SellingPrice CreditCardNumber,Balance

CustomerLogins.txt: CustomerId,LoginName,Password OwnerPassword.txt: OwnerPassword – this file shall contain only one word – the owner’s password – in encrypted format i.e. if the word stored in the file is imopimon then the actual password is nomipomi (read backwords). Note: None of the records in the database are sorted on any specific field. CustomerId, PaintingId, ArtistId, ArtistName,LoginName, CreditCardNumber are unique. The Ids are autogenerated. Use only the format specified. All changes in the .txt files should be done as the options below are executed and not at exiting the program only.

Your program should have the following options displayed in the Main Menu. Everything is to be done on the console. (Displaying Menus and taking user option [5 marks]): 1- Login as Owner 2- Login as Customer 3- Register New Customer 4- Exit Program

Login as Owner: [43 marks]

The program asks the Owner to input the password. It then retrieves the OwnerPassword from OwnerPassword.txt and decrypts it [4 marks]. If it matches the user’s given password, the following menu is displayed:

1- View All Paintings:

Lists the Name, Style, Artist’s Name and CostPrice of each painting [4 marks].

2- View Artist Info:

Takes as input an Artist’s Name, and displays the artist’s Country, Expertise [4 marks], and a list of all Painting’s Name by that...


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