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Benefits from Community Activities

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The benefits that students can get from student organization or club activities are as many as that they can get from their academic studies.

Decades ago, most college graduates were able to find a decent job.   However, today, with the expansion of education, companies have raised the requirements on candidates.   Apart from excellent academic performance, practical skills are also considered by companies as significant criteria while recruiting employees.   Therefore, student organizations of club activities, which are ideal for students to cultivate practical ability, are equally important as academic studies.

On the one hand, to achieve academic improvement is the goal of almost every student progressing to university.   In class, students acquire knowledge from renowned professors, develop creative and critical thinking through reading and group discussion, and improve the ability of grasping knowledge.   After class, they examine and practice what they have learned by doing homework and conducting experiments.   All these are important in future career.   For example, a salesman needs the knowledge of consumer behavior to make marketing plan; a finance analyst will use the knowledge of math to deal with complex investment portfolio.   Otherwise, with poor academic performance, how can a person meet requirements, fulfill his tasks, or advance his career?

On the other hand, what university students benefit from club activities is practical skills.   The reason is simple that modern companies also expect applicants to have strong social skills and transferable skills, which are vital for them to adapt to working environment and give full play to their strength as soon as possible.   By attending various student organizations, students learn how to start conversation with strangers, how to effectively communicate with people with differing backgrounds and personalities.   While participating interesting activities, students need to make...


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