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What About the Other Devices of Cement Mill?

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We all know that the cement mill is made up of feeding device, rotary body, discharging device, sliding shoe bearings and high voltage starting lubrication device and so on. In the previous article, we have talked about the rotary part of the cement mill. And do you really know the other parts of the cement mill? If you do not know about it, you can read this article.

1. Feeding device of Cement mill

Feeding device is mainly a feed pipe, tube with two slices of guide plate, welded PuChen on board, in order to prevent the material abrasion material tube body directly.Feed pipe installed on the feeding platform.Feed tube and is equipped with adjusting shim between feed bracket, in order to adjust its height when installation, ensure the feed tube and no brush touch between cylinder inlet.

2. Discharging device

Discharging device is made up of the screen and, under the hood and other components.The screen is composed of steel plate, and rushed out of the screen mesh, in order to make the rotary parts of large particle materials and wear smaller ball screening out, avoid these other transport equipment and in the later process of debris, clutter is being exhausted from port discharge.Qualified materials of discharging mouth delivery.

3. High voltage starting lubricating device of cement mill

High pressure lubrication device is mainly composed of a high and low pressure dilute oil station and pipe fittings.A rare station is responsible for the high and low pressure to a slipper bearings 2 watts oil supply.Thin oil terminal 2 sets of low pressure oil pump for standby, one low pressure oil pump at the same time in normal working conditions to 2 watts oil supply.Dilute gas station of high pressure oil pump to 2 watts oil supply.Bearing under the cover of the flowline by dilute lubricating oil station upper return oil flows back to dilute gas station.The circulation of lubricating oil in it.

Cement mill integrates the advantages of the same products of...


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