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Why Does Dynamic Cone of Py Type Cone Crusher Rotate Soon

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PY type cone crusher in the normal state, the no-load activity when the speed of the cone for 10 ~ 15 r/min, load activity speed of cone for 3 ~ 5 r/min.When the speed of the cone activity for more than 15 r/min, the activity of high-speed rotating cone, can appear often said 'speeding car ' phenomenon. Do you know why?

The reasons that dynamic cone of PY type cone crusher rotate soon are in the following: (1) the various parts of the broken cone unbalanced force crusher no-load operation, the force acting on its has broken from the gravity of the inertia force of cone, cone, the spherical bearing reaction, reaction force of eccentric shaft sleeve, crushing cone and eccentric shaft sleeve (including the balance weight) of the inertial force.The stress of the crusher in normal state, the body to balance.When broken parts of the cone bearing unbalance, greater than zero or less than zero, crusher run will not balance, resulting in crusher has a strong vibration, dynamic cone high-speed rotation, and tile and holding shaft etc accidents;(2) broken cone shaft and eccentric shaft sleeve hole uneven contact breaker operation process, caused by deflection of eccentric shaft sleeve and broken cone round top or bottom of the liner contact uneven, produces a lot of pressure on bushing at the same time, and make the bushing produces indentation, even occur crack and burst; Deflection serious when, the broken cone will be a lot of revolutions in the direction of the rotation of the eccentric shaft sleeve, and lubricating oil temperature rise sharply, the vibration, dynamic cone crusher has a strong high Rotation speed, and tile and holding shaft etc.Problems when spare parts quality problems, installation or maintenance do not conform to the requirements of the regulations, will cause broken cone shaft and eccentric shaft sleeve in contact hole is not uniform.In addition, due to eccentric wear, the crushing cone fitting clearance of main shaft and eccentric shaft sleeve is...


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