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Security Issue in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Security issue in the Asia-Pacific region

I choose the security issue in the Asia-Pacific region as my study topic because the activity of cultural communication and politics has great effects in secure problem. America, China and Japan own respective national identity, cultural ideology and attitude toward the Asia-Pacific region and all of them are one of the largest economical powerful countries. Especially, America, as the largest economical powerful country, concern seriously about the economic development of Asia-Pacific region. Meanwhile, there are a few of cultural politics such as military, different ideology and different cultural background, influence the safety of economic development. Therefore, cultural politics is a good term, which makes some explanations such as Marxism around the conflict issues between China, Japan and America well.
There are two main social ideology existed in the world. One is China represents the largest communism countries, and another is America represents the biggest capitalism countries. Following many years, these two ideologies result in many panics around the world. For example, during the Cold War, the Berlin Wall divided the world into two different ideologies countries. However, the Soviet Union policy has disassembled, but the threat between capitalists and proletarians still exist as a special phenomenon in the world. The source of threat is based on Marxism’s The Communist Manifesto (1997, Christopher Pierson edited). It is said that The Communism, as a spectre, is haunting capitalism in the Europe. Following The Communist Manifesto, it mentions that the rising bourgeoisie in the period of the feudal system of industry. In order to protect private property, they do not hesitate to have a revolution of the feudal system in exchange for a new policy because the feudal monarch becomes the barrier of the development of the bourgeoisie. Following the Marxist theory, the bourgeoisie in every country plays an...


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