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Plant Foods at Easy-Home-Cooking

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Plant Foods are nutritious and inexpensive. High quality fruits and vegetables are available in both fresh
and frozen form throughout the year. Rich in minerals and Rotary dryer used for cement, mine,chemical,coal slime
vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins, plant
foods assist in the performance of many body  functions and are essential in human diets. Fresh fruits and
vegetable are perishable and should be prepared, stored, and/or preserved promptly after harvesting to
avoid loss of nutrients and to assure maximum eating quality. Baking, steaming and simmering are the
basic cooking methods recommended for minimum loss of nutrients. Freezing fresh fruits and vegetables
for a limited period of time is the best method of preserving their nutrients.
Plant foods are categorized as follows:-
Cereals - such as oats, wheat, corn, millet, barley, rice, ryeLeguminous Plants – such as dried beans, lentils, peasGround Products and Starches – such as flour products, cracker crumbs, dunst, bran, flakes, gruel, pot
barley, pearl tapioca, sago, semolina, tapiocaVegetables – such as advanced cement clinker rotary kiln
preserved vegetables, canned vegetables and fresh vegetablesMushrooms – all kinds of mushroomsFruits – such as berries, citrus fruits, exotic fruits, hard-shelled fruits, seed fruits and stone fruitsSugar – two types of sugar eg. Sugar obtained from sugar cane and sugar obtained from sugar beet.Spices – such as fresh herbs, dried herbs and spices, ground spicesCondiments – such as glutamate, mustard, salt, vinegar
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