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Application of Ball Mill in Mining Industry

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China is coal-producing and coal-consuming country, thus the ball mill begins to occupy the market; the fly ash after processed by ball grinding mill can be used as cement accessories, greatly enhancing the concrete function. According to the technological developments of the ball mill, large superfine ball mill have been able to achieve disposable processing of ultrafine powder; after ball mill treatment, fly ash has average particle size and improved surfactant progress; if directly mixing with concrete, it can save a lot cement raw materials, improve the workability of concrete mixture, reinforce concrete plasticity and stability. Ball mill with the growth of the life, there will be some small problems, barriers to more or less on the production of the ball mill, the following Hongji Machinery Co., Ltd. to produce ignition phenomena relative to like introduce you to the ball mill brush sparking and brush braided handle, ball mill brushes red-hot or blown phenomenon is a relatively small problem, but many factories do not know how to solve this problem, to be burned on a ball mill brush the ignition and brush braided.For the use of ball mill, at the time of operation, because its internal operation and friction will produce a certain heat, there are some disadvantages of the heat for the ball mill. Ball mill is important equipment for various industrial sectors of metallurgy, mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, power generation, lime production line of powder materials prepared. Ball mill cylinder inner surface, and are generally equipped with a variety of surface shape of the liner. Liner ball mill wearing parts and costs about 2% to 3% of the sales price, performance and service life of the liner and the function are one of the users are very much concerned about the technical and economic indicators.


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