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Why Hammer Crusher Will Not Work When Restart

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Counterattack hammer crusher has the advantages of unique structure, hard rock crushing, high efficiency and energy saving, the product shape is a cube, row partical size is adjustable, and the advantages of simplified crushing process, widely used in water and electricity, expressway, manual ballast, crushing, etc. Counterattack hammer crusher in limestone crushing system and plate type feeder is the key to the system equipment.In the process of system working, due to some reason counterattack hammer crusher need to stop and restart, but often appear after restart the device does not turn the phenomenon, the serious influence of crusher production capacity.

For the fault, we will make detailed analysis on the reason and solution in the following. The reason that the hammer crusher does not work when restarts it is as foolows: axial end face of the block is fixed hammer bolt fracture, bolt head or stop falling into the cavity between the rotor and the casing.The failure rate is higher, and mostly was starting again after downtime can be found. Confirmed by the check analysis, is caused by unreasonable structure design.

When the equipment is running, because the material of the hammer head block to rotate the hammer on the hammer shaft, hammer shaft friction by hammer head, the force by hammer axis is passed to both ends fixed block is then passed to the retaining bolt, the fixed bolt shear force is too large, causing the retaining bolt shear breaking into the cavity between the rotor and the casing, sometimes two bolts at the same time cut along with block is also fall into.Just off the trendy due to the normal rotation counterattack hammer crusher, it can not stop the rotation of the rotor (stop falling into the sometimes resulting in rotor stall) and with the rotor rotation, but at the next rev machine due to the card within the cavity between the casing and rotor caused by overload and not starting. According to the situation, to hammer on both ends of the...


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