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What About Lubricating Oil Station of Ball Mill?

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Since we have talked about the based structure of ball mill, I think that most of us may know the lubrating system is on of the main parts of ball mill. In addition, the ball mill is also called ball grinding mill. Hwever, do you know the lubricating oil station of the ball mill? If you have not ever heard of it, today our expert of HXJQ will talk something about it. I think you can read this article with your a little time.

The overview on lubricating oil station of ball mill is in the following: The thin oil lubrication station for grinding machine Lord bearing thin oil lubrication system, including high and low pressure two oil supply system. High pressure oil supply system in the mill before the start of injection of high pressure oil to the main bearing. Float the mill hollow shaft, with a certain thickness of static pressure oil film formed between bearing shell, in order to reduce and avoid because of the low speed start torque caused by direct contact with bearing bush, prolong the service life of bearing.Low pressure oil supply system from the former mill started to main bearing oil supply, it has to do with three sets of high pressure oil pump until mill stop and continue after a period of time.It have the effect of cooling and provide for its dynamic pressure oil film of lubricating oil.

In addition, the performance parameters of lubracating system are as follows: Project numerical value high pressure oil pressure rated 10 MPa / 20 MPa; recommended oil temperature 30 ~ 35 ℃ ;high-pressure pump rated flow 5.8 L/min oil ;low pressure oil filter accuracy 0.1 ㎜ ;high-pressure pump motor power cooler area 3 x 3 k ㎡ ;low pressure oil pressure rated 0.2 ~ 0.3 MPa ;cooling water consumption of m3 / h; low pressure pump rated flow 40 L/min or less cooling water temperature 30 ℃ ;low-pressure pump motor power 3 kw ;electric heater power 1000 w * 3.

Of course, maybe my summary is not comprehensive. And we also have other mining machines, such as jaw...


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