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Dear Mr. David Perri,
     When I first decided that I wanted to join the Topps Program, I was only concerned about the amount of money I would be earning every two weeks but I really did not think about all of the experiences I would be a part of. My teacher picked his best students and told us all that this was a great program to get involved with; I believe this whole summer program was a learning experience. Originally, I came to this program looking for a job with the IT Department but instead, I was put into the Law Department since IT already had interns chosen. Though it was my first time being introduced to law, I picked up quickly and asked many questions to help myself.  As I worked with various people including Mrs. Nikki Johnson Houston and Ms. Afuah Payton, I gained a strong understanding of everything they are assigned to do.
     When I first met Mrs. Nikki Johnson Houston, I learned that she was leaving her current job to work on her own. Mrs. Houston worked with taxes and as we organized each case into their storage boxes, she would tell me a bit about every case and what problems they were having.  For example, some people were sued by the city for not paying off their taxes, others were just having issues with money and needed financial help. She also told me about many of the goals she accomplished which made me believe that I could succeed in anything that I set my mind to do.
     When I started working with Ms. Afuah Payton, I knew that it would be the best experience I would have working this summer. She was very trusting and allowed me to work on RPFs (Request for Proposals) for past and current contracts. She taught me how contracts with the city are not as simple as some people may think. When I worked for her, I was not just filing, I was introduced to various jobs. The jobs varied from simple jobs like working with the copy machines to more complex jobs like dealing with actual cases or contracts. She not only acted as someone that...


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