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The Effect of Being Foreign Student

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Usually becoming a foreign student in order to study in another country can change your life in many aspects. Living in a city far away from home can bring many consequences and effects which almost always change a student’s form of life. When I became a foreign student, many things changed or had to change. You do not live with your family, so usually you have to learn how to live in harmony with others, how to do things by yourself, how to move to other places, etc. Being a foreign makes you learn a lot of things, but at the beginning it can be somewhat difficult, as it happened to me.
      According to Javier (2008), international studies has increased globally and developed studying generally. The numbers of students studying abroad increases every year. In 2009 over 14,000 foreign students are studying in universities in Finland.( Cimo 2011) Studying abroad, students will have opportunity to gain new experiences and learn new culture, study and learn more foreign languages and meet new people. (Javier 2008.) Foreign students are known as learners and as an individual’s that live or reside temporarily in another foreign country rather than their countries that enable them to participate in international education. Upon arriving into the foreign country of study it is important for the students to understand and adjust to new culture. (Carroll & Ryan 2005).Many foreign students experience difficulties on arrival in a foreign country and they must adjust quickly to the environment in order for them to function with the society. Some of the problems encounter by the foreign students face when studying abroad is homesickness, language shock, culture shock, lack of study skills and language proficiency That is why the purpose to discuss the main effects of being a foreign student.
        The main effect and the one that affects you most is the fact that you do not live with your parents and in your house, which means that you will not enjoy its...


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