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Social Classes in 19th in France

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Social Classes of 19th Century France
  * nobility- about 300,000 people, wealthiest, pastor and most powerful. 
  * bourgeoisie- about 3 million. professionals such as merchants, judges, legal officials, and small factory owners. 
  * proletariat- largest group, more than 20 million people. most poor.
Aristocracy or Nobility
  * The aristocracy or nobility (5% of the entire population) still controlled 33% of the national income.
  * A great divide between the most upper and lowest classes still maintained during the 19th century because of the different class levels that were continually evolving in the middle class. According to “A History of Western Society,” despite the increased wages and standard of living for the average person for the middle class but not for the lowest class
  * Occupational opportunities only allowed some bourgeoisie to achieve such great wealth, they possessed almost the amount of the nobility. Others of the same class were making little more money than rural peasants. Such diversity within the middle class distanced the nobility from the working class more than ever.


  * This class fought for rights in a society controlled by the aristocracy or nobility. (You can see from the majority people of French revolution are the middle class)As productive owners of growing businesses, most of them were drag to the nobility lifestyle. To the middle class, image meant everything.

  * The number of servants a family had was important to the bourgeoisie and indicated the wealth of a family.

Occupations of Middle Class Members
The people of the Middle Class had many different jobs. They included bankers, money leaders, industrial entrepreneurs, doctors, dentists, engineers, architects, chemists, accountants, and surveyors, managers of private and public institutes, manufacturers, teachers, nurses, and merchants.
Diet of Middle Class Members
The Middle Class spent more money on food than they did the rest...


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