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Methods to Solve Some Problems of Rotary Dryer

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Knowing the five methods to solve these problems of rotary dryer, we can follow these methods to do when the rotary dryer appear these phenomenon. Zhengzhou Great Wall Heavy Industry Machinery has a large number of high-tech talent and industry elite, we always pursuit the technology innovation. And we want to create the high-technology mining machine. Please look forward to our achievement.
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In the rotary dryer working time, the rotary dryer will appear some different matters and the user cannot to correctly deal with these problems. Great Wall Heavy Industry experts will teach you how to deal with these things about rotary dryer.
The following we will share five problems and the corresponding methods of rotary dryer:
1. The wind speed is too low which lead to contact dynamics loose between the material and the dynamic & static hot wind and the rotary rotary dryer efficiency is much lower.
2. To raise the output makes the inlet temperature and the outlet temperature over high which lead to the waste of energy and the quality of material being dried decreased, the color and luster go black, and there are many paste material.
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3.The material cannot make “alternating motion” in the rotary rotary dryer, and so the material in the rotary dryer will be taken out by wind which leads to the low material storage quantity in the rotary dryer, thus the contact area between the material and the dynamic and static hot air decreases.
4.To limit the material way out direction’s flow speed, the rotation speed of the rotary rotary dryer should be kept very low. Thus the elevated times of the material in the rotary rotary dryer are greatly decreased. So the contact times of the material and the hot air are greatly decreased.
5. There is only fair current drying, and the saturated steam cannot discharge timely in the...


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