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Dichotomous Key

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Species: Birds

A. Indian Hornbill: Yellow Hornbill, Red Eyes, Long Beak

  B. Indian Heron: Long Legs, Long Beak, Wingspan of 72-90cm

  C. Rose Ringed Parakeet:
Red Beak, Green Feathers, Long Tail
  D. The Wood Cock: Long Beak, Black Eyes, Striped Chest

  E. Racket Tailed Drongo: Racket Tail, Midnight Blue Feathers, Short Beak

  F. African Paradise Flycatcher: Long Tail, 17cm long tail streamers, Short Beak

  G. Collared Scops Owl: Big Black Eyes, Short Pointy Ears, Short Beak

  H. Bengal Vulture: White Mane, Bare Neck, Dark Bill

Dichotomous Key:
  1. A) Organism with a Yellow HornbillA
B) Organism without a Yellow Hornbill Go to 2
    2.     A) Organism with a wingspan of 72-90cmB
            B) Organism without a wingspan of 72-90cm Go to 3
    3.     A) Organism with Racket TailE
            B) Organism without Racket TailGo to 4
    4.     A) Organism with 17cm long tail streamersF
            B) Organism without 17cm long tail streamers Go to 5
5.         A) Organism with Short Pointy EarsG
          B) Organism without Short Pointy EarsGo to 6
6.         A) Organism with Striped ChestD
            B) Organism without Striped ChestGo to 7
7.         A) Organism with White ManeH
            B) Organism with Red BeakC

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"Indian Pond-heron (Ardeola Grayii)." Indian Pond-heron Videos,...


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