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The Elaborate Operation Specification of Ball Mill

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On the whole, ball mill is suitable for grinding all kinds of ores and other materials in ore beneficiation, building material and chemistry and the grinding types can be divided into dry type and wet type. According to the ore discharging manners, ball mills can be divided into lattice type and overflow type. In additon, only you operate the ball mill correctly, can you make the ball mill obtain its highest efficiency. But do you know the elaborate operation specification of ball mill?

The elaborate operation specification of ball mill is as follows:

1, check the good mechanical and electrical parts before driving, check whether the connecting bolt looseness;All lubricating points lubrication is normal, reliable transmission device is normal, protective equipment in good condition, electrical instrumentation is sensitive and good motor carbon brush contact;

2, barring a week, check equipment around the rotating part or presence of obstacles, and eliminate.Startup mustn't stand people around;

3, after check, press start button to start the motor, pay attention to the current changes. Ball mill shall start no more than two consecutive times, the first and second every 5 minutes or more, if the third start, must cooperate after checking with electrician, fitter, before starting. Not with other equipment, to crisscross starting, in order to avoid trip;

4 after normal operation, grinding machine, we will strictly according to the water supply, feed, add the provisions of the steel ball over load operation of ban, idle time is not more than 15 minutes, so as to avoid breaking plate;

5, should pay attention to check whether the cylinder is in the operation of the slurry, carefully observe current, voltage, feeding, water supply is normal, once every half an hour to check the motor and spindle temperature is not more than 60 ° С, found that the problem handled in time;

6, in the operation should pay attention to observe whether the hollow shaft, oil...


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