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How Slime Crusher Technological Innovation?

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CPP slime crusher is an important production equipment. In the course of their work , because the V-belt drive crusher adopts the way , there is a heavy boot poor performance, the V-belt slippage fever often the case . If a large amount of slime , slime viscous strong , less water slime , slime reamer can not be broken in time , will cause one side to gather a lot of short slime machine reamer . Load increases, the belt slipping fever, resulting in increasing operating speed is low, increasing the amount of slime crushing machine , seriously affecting the safety production , increasing the labor intensity . Therefore, for technological transformation slime crusher .
For lack of processing capacity slime crusher , belt slippery fever , frequent crashes and other issues, has developed three transformation steps.
First, in the top of the slime crusher feed chute, added a 60mm flat steel , the use of gravitational acceleration on flat slime , slime of the material for the first time into the crushing and dosing . Let 6 cutter evenly distributed materials to avoid a single point cutter feed .
Secondly , to improve the slime reamer ,Grinding Mills For Sale In Zimbabwe
  that in the original 360 ° circumference of the cutter plane 180 ° diagonal directions, gas cutting system out of two isosceles triangles open slot , increasing the cutter face slime cutting capacity , reducing dry slime block floating phenomenon twist flank . Broken pieces of dry slime promptly to avoid dry slime blocks stacked on the edge of the machine .
Finally, the machine's drive to transform the way , meet the technical parameters used for the gear ratio gearbox made 2 , Ultra Wet Grinder Prices In Hyderabad
use the gearbox oil lubrication. Driven at a constant speed cutter slime 480r/min V-belt drive instead of the original way . And the original motor power of 15kW to 30kW, increase the starting torque . While improving motor overload overcurrent protection devices to ensure safe operation...


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