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Food can be classified into several different groups depending on what the food's dietic criteria is.   There are five main food groups consisting of the more natural foods instead of products such as pizza, pie or condiments that are combined mixtures of certain foods or contain little health value.   According to the National Food Guide, the five key food groups are:1) bread, other cereals and potatoes, 2) fruit and vegetables, 3) meat, fish and alternatives, 4) milk and dairy products, and lastly 5) fatty and sugary foods1. Within these groups are all sorts of foods ranging from apples to beans to cheese to chocolate and to tomatoes. The National Food Guide divides these foods into groups based on their health content1.   For those who are searching for a healthier dieting style, it would be wise to look into these main groups to help get an idea of what dietary benefits they are or aren't receiving.   By simply looking into the healthiness that these foods offer such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, one can change his eating habits to develop a healthier lifestyle.

The first mentioned food group consists of bread, other cereals and potatoes.   This is just a general idea of the food group.   To be more specific, within this division are many subcategories that fit into it based upon the matter or ingredients.   This particular group includes all breads with yeast, all cereals like oats and rice, as well as potatoes or other starchy staples. "The food in this group gives your body energy”2. “Grains supply food energy in the form of starch, and are also a source of protein”3. In some cases, beans can be apart of this group, but are more associated with the meat group.

The next food group contains the fruits and vegetables. Of course, there are hundreds of fruits and vegetables ranging from a peach to a carrot.   Incorporated in this set are all fruits and vegetables (even canned or frozen) as well as juices and dried fruit.   In addition, beans...


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