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John the Evangelist (יוחנן Standard Hebrew Yoḥanan, Tiberian Hebrew Yôḥānān meaning "Yahweh is gracious", Greek: Εὐαγγελιστής Ἰωάννης) was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. Traditionally, he is identified as the author of the Gospel of John and other Johannine works in the New Testament — the three Epistles of John and the Book of Revelation. He is also known as the Beloved Disciple, which is how he referred to himself in his Gospel. Traditionally, he is considered to be the same man as John of Patmos and John the Apostle, but this has been the subject of some debate since about 200.[1][2]
The Gospel of John refers to an otherwise unnamed "beloved disciple" of Jesus who "bore witness to" (wrote) the gospel's message.[3] The composer of the Gospel of John seemed interested in maintaining the internal anonymity of the author's identity, though interpreting the Gospel in the light of the Synoptic Gospels and considering that the author names (and therefore is not claiming to be) both Peter and James, it has generally been accepted that the author either was the Apostle John or was pretending to be.[4]
The apostle John was an historical figure, one of the "pillars" of the Jerusalem church after Jesus' death.[5] Some scholars believe that John was martyred along with his brother (Acts 12:1-2),[5] but many scholars, both secular and religious, doubt this.[6][7] Harris believes that the tradition that John lived to old age in Ephesus developed in the late 2nd century.[5] However, the tradition does appear in the last chapter of the gospel though it assumes that John the Evangelist, John the Apostle, the Beloved Disciple mentioned in John 21 and sometimes also John the Presbyter are the same person.[8] By the late 2nd century, the tradition was held by most Christians.[9]
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