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Professional Tips for Using Portable Jaw Crusher

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Here we will list some professional tips for using and maintaining the portable jaw crusher and the way of ruling out the trouble.

Jaw crusher as primary crushing equipment in the process of crushing, generally deals with the first time crushing for large materials because of its simple working principles, product durability, simple maintenance and crushing higher compressive strength. So it has been widely used in the field of broken.

Before starting the jaw crusher, we should best drive wheel to turn first one to two laps to confirm the rotation part well. In the work process of the jaw crusher we should pay attention to the temperature of the bearing parts. We should also make the bearing parts keep good lubrication and pay attention to the noise and vibration at work without abnormal situation. When there is abnormal sound or vibration, we should stop it and check whether jaw crusher parts are damaged.

Jaw crusher is a kind of coarse crushing equipment. In using the portable jaw crusher process we cannot full the crusher of ores in a time. The method of directly unloading ores into the mouth of jaw crusher is not feasible. It may affect the normal work of the jaw crusher and exert its efficiency. Jaw crusher and other crushing equipment should feed the ores by professional feeders. Before feeding the ores into jaw crusher we should rule out the iron to avoid damage to the crusher. In addition, because the jaw crusher must be started when the bin is clean, at the end of each use the jaw crusher should be emptied the ores before it is closed. In the using process we should also pay attention to the angle between fixed jaw of jaw crusher body and static jaw body which should has a proper scope. Usually the production efficiency is inversely proportional to the size of the mouth. So we need to adjust the angle according to the actual size.

In the work process of the jaw crusher we should keep feeding uniform and prevent instantaneous overload. We should...


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