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Petroleum Coke, Petroleum Coke Milling Machine Zhengzhou Vipeak Special Milling Machine Manufacturer

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We recently browsing through the milling machine in this piece of information, they found their equipment use is so widespread, in terms of mineral raw materials, ceramic metallurgy, construction waste, construction, etc., in addition to people does not seem particularly concerned about oil coke processing.

In this regard, Xiao Bian know, by distillation of crude petroleum coke is the quality of the light and heavy oil separation, and then the heavy oil thermal cracking turned into a product. Back in 2010, we made for the customer vipeak enterprises petroleum coke processing requirements, has set up a research group associated with later changes created by trial and error, the successful design and recommend a petroleum coke mill equipment.

It is understood that more than coke particles, less coke coke powder high use value. After processing calcined coke on the market are more general fineness of about 200 mesh. Because of its flexibility is relatively large, it is difficult to belong to a grinding material, so compared to other materials, its productivity is low. 4R3016 easy milling machining materials, generally yields about 4 tons per hour, but for post-processing, then calcined coke production is more than one ton per hour.

vipeak mill enlarge
Petroleum coke processing special milling machine
However, vipeak in the traditional milling machines based on the new milling machine petroleum coke innovative design, has a longer standby time, be able to work over ten hours of continuous, flexible solution to petroleum coke strong, difficult to machine The actual processing problems.


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