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Raymond Limestone Ore Materials Processing Machine How Much Money a? Raymond R-Type Machine How Much Money One?   

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In the processing of mineral raw materials of limestone, producing 200 mesh, to achieve production of 5 tons or so when, what type of Raymond machine should be used? Raymond machine about how much money a? Raymond mill's production features what? An investment cost of Raymond mill is about how much?

In the face of questions raised by customers like these, small query related equipment information, combined with experienced workshop technicians, integrating some technical answers and arguments with reference to nature, for your reference.

Generally speaking, the production requires about 200 mesh, while producing five tons, raw materials for the hard limestone ore and the like, the industry is often used R-type Raymond mill, its structure consists of four grinding rollers diameter 320 mm, height 160 mm, which allows the shape of the ore material into the hopper 25 mm, producing up to 0.044 mm grain size, yield five tons when the blade is also more than welcome. Heavy vipeak these parameters are related technical staff through the phenomenon of the investigation, it was arrived at, with the reliability, authenticity and guidance.

R-type Raymond Mill

Of course, since customers are willing to buy Raymond equipment, the investment cost is an issue to be considered first, after all, not a professional quote Xiao Bian staff, but for the customer to consult the different models, different parameters required by Raymond machine, we need After the relevant technical staff drawing, design, and finally to quote quote group, the same type of equipment, production requirements are not the same, the price of its equipment is also there is a gap, so I need to come here to consult customers capable of a little more patience, I believe we vipeak's staff will give you a satisfactory answer!


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