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How Can We Improve the Efficiency of Mineral Crushing It?

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Crusher productivity problem has been most customers and businesses should consider, because the production is directly related to improved efficiency and profits, we all know that life has a certain crushing equipment, crusher if productivity improves, production will naturally increases, which directly brings considerable benefits to the stone crushing plant, while the crusher manufacturers are constantly optimizing their products, creating the most tight market products, so as to allow enterprises in this competitive environment fore, continued to expand sales of victories, so as to bring huge profits. If you want to solve this problem of low productivity, they should go first analysis of various factors that determine productivity, and finally to adopted piecemeal, all broken up, so as to continuously optimize the crushing equipment. To analyze which of the following factors:

First, the material itself is the problem, which is inherent factors, not change, the harder minerals, relatively greater compressive strength, the harder it is crushed, the crushing effect is poor, the production capacity of the crusher is low . On the contrary, high. For long chunks of ore, with an average particle size of the coarse ore crushing workload needs, then crushing its low production capacity; give mine a long time in small, broken its production capacity is large. Crushing structural relaxation, the production capacity of the crusher crushing than dense structure. When the clay content in the ore or when the amount of fine ore more of these fine-grained materials due to increased humidity and clumping or sticking to the coarse ore, thereby increasing the viscosity of the ore crushing process to reduce the speed of the material, it is easy to plug broken chamber, and even the crushing process can not be serious.

The second is the impact crusher factors: the same crushing operations, using different to get different types of crushing equipment productivity, and product...


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