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Don’t get me started…cigarettes.
Surrounded by darkness and dullness. Surrounded by misery and problems. Shortened and damaged by the dense clouds which blur and harm your health.   A life where everybody is using a fatal gun but nobody seems to realise that this fatal gun gnaws and   kills more than Aids, drugs, alcohol, homicides, suicides, fire gathered altogether. The disaster of the twentieth century, a tragedy that is fought through campaigns, advertisings panels, messages on the cigarette boxes, debates in TV or radio…to stop this killer. The whole world is now polluted from this perniciously ubiquitous monster.
Cigarette kills, smoking kills and smoke kills. The aim of this message is   to increase people`s awareness about the hideous and ugly consequences of the cigarette. It is an ironic warning because the government warns the smoker from smoking whilst still sanctioning their production. For what? Money! But the most abhorrent aspect is that the smoker knows it is harmful but he still smokes. Two incredible but contradictory facts from both sides but nobody seem to really bother. However, the minister of health announced that “four out of five persons smoke and 90%of smokers die every year from lung cancer”.
Having said all that, I still don’t understand why people still smoke? I hate cigarette.Some people think that smoking helps you relieve your stress and tension and also helps you sometimes to get a regular bowl movement. Some others think that it is cool to smoke. But they seem to forget that your stamina is ruined and your breathing becomes short and heavy when doing exercises. Plus it has been proved that however pleasant these moments can be, they become harmful and fatal in the long term. Moreover, the damage it does to our body outweighs the benefits. In my opinion, smoking is detrimental to health and people should stop immediately otherwise they will be sent to fester in hell.
Let me draw you a picture for those stubborn and ignorant...


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