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Dietician Applied Science Course Work

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Ellesia hilton- dietician course work

The NHS- national health service
The NHS was founded in 1948 and is the worlds largest publicly funded health service. The NHS is free for all UK residence and aims to give good health care to all regardless if wealth, this is a principal that has guided the NHS for 60 years and remains core to their system ever today, although patients have to pay for care like prescriptions, optical and dental care. The NHS has cover everything from screening to long term conditions, transplants, emergency care and end of life care

How will my investigation benefit society?
My investigation will befit other by advise inch them on how to lower or maintain their BMI so they can live a healthier lifestyle, letting them work longer and not use NHS treatment to loose weight. If more and more people took the advise my investigation NHS taxes will lower giving people more money o put in to the economy, helping the UK become more efficient and better way of living.

Dieticians are experts of food and nutrition. They advise people on what they need to eat in order to lead a healthy life style , however they can also guide people who have certain dietary requirements on how to still get nutrition they may lack.

Qualification and skills of a dietician
To become a dietician you need a minimum of a bachelors degree from an accredited university, completion of an approved internship and completion of the registration exam, a masters degree is also highly recommended. Dieticians can work in hospitals, fitness centres, private practises, nursing homes, corporations, food service companies and Government entities. Some origination require registration while other only require a license

The typical day starts with a review of a patients medical record followed by a patients background and can begin to structure a diet suitable for for their needs and lifestyle. The dietician will complete a nutritional...


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