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Should Laptops Replace Traditional Textbooks ?

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Should Laptops Replace Traditional Textbooks?
Technological advancements have evolved the human race. Based on the online Oxford Dictionary (2012), technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. Glimpsing a little light on the past, in the early 1980s the computers were introduced into the classrooms, although at that time the internet was not in existence, the computers were mainly used to provide lesson, give quizzes and keep track of progress. All this kept the teacher in firm control of the use of computers and this took only a portion of time of the class (Tomlinson, 2012). With time all that changed, and the use of computers initially grew in the classrooms. In our current society, we have replaced our traditional methods of travelling, teaching, cooking, etc. with new technological methods. With rapid growth of technology, the educational field has been affected the most. With traditional blackboards being replaced by smart boards and overhead projectors been installed all over the world, schools are becoming more technologically advanced. Teachers all over the world have also been given laptop computers to help teach the students and now the students are also demanding for textbooks to be replaced by laptops. Although replacing traditional textbooks with laptops can save tons of money, ease work load, and help reduce computer illiteracy, they should certainly not replace traditional textbooks. Laptops are much more expensive than traditional textbooks and have maintenance and repairing costs. Students also have the habit of using the internet for unwanted reasons.

Nowadays, textbooks are costing over hundreds of dollars and are quite huge and bulky. Implementing laptops in every school will require the school to install a large bandwidth to accommodate every student which will cost a lot of money and would result a loss for the school. As of that, opponents argue that replacing traditional textbooks...


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