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Memory Object

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Memory Object
The eyes black, looking at you emotionless. The stitched wonky smile giving it a smirk, gave the impression of happiness, warmth and friendship. Cute brown velvet button nose and pale white body. From afar it looked like any normal teddy. If you looked closer though you would notice the marks that made it mine. The black smudges from crying eyes and the rips in the sides from a playful child. Every time it is was washed it lost stuffing, giving it an older look, growing up with me. It had seen and heard more than any of my friends. My protector and listener from when I was an hour old. It looked peaceful and relaxed lying on my bed but when I needed it, it hugged me back and cried with me.
It was my childhood possession, yet it helped me grow. The further away I grew from it the more I knew I was growing up. It is the only thing that I still have that proves I have grown up and that everything that has happened in my life has made me a stronger person and yet shows my vunerable side that something sixteen years old is still in great condition.

I’d sit alone in the playground watching everyone else have a good time. Tag your it, tag your it, tag I never was. The shape of my behind on the bench where I had been left collecting dust. No one to play with, no one to hug.   In class I would watch the clock tick away the hours without a word leaving my mouth. Getting home I would run up stairs and jump on my bed grab my teddy and cuddle it. I would spend hours in my room playing with it. It was my best friend. Teacups, dress up, dancing, whatever I wanted it agreed to, no arguing. It would be the princess locked in a castle surrounded by lava and I would be the mighty prince fighting to save her and ride off into the sunset. I would go to visit my family and it would come with me. It cuddled with me while I slept; my own personal guard. It hardly let go off my hand while I stumbled through town at a young age. It was practicaly part of the family....


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