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University Mock Interview

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Why do you want to study this subject at university?
  I am interested in current and future developments
  I have a particular career path in mind
  I have been influenced by personal experiences

Why did you apply to this university?
  This university has very high standards and I believe it will prepare me for the future.
  There are excellent teachers and facilities.

Why should we offer you a place?
  I would take the course seriously
  I would work very hard
  I would be proud to be a student at this university

Tell me about yourself, how would you describe yourself?
  I am a mature, caring and hard-working individual
  I am very passionate about learning more about animals and animal biology

What are your career aspirations?
  After completing the course I would like to go on to be a veterinary nurse caring for wild animals.

I would ask:
Can you tell me about the structure of the course?

We held mock interviews in class where we were divided into groups. We asked each other questions that we may be asked at a university interview, we then assessed our answers
During the interview I was asked the following questions:
Why do you feel you could be successful on this course?
Why did you choose this course?
Why do you want to study at this university?
How would you describe yourself?

I felt I was very successful in answering the questions I was asked during the mock interview. I felt nervous which may have caused me to forget what I fully wanted to say but overall I feel I answered the questions to the best of my ability. I feel that my answers showed my passion for the course and the university’s I am applying to. My answers showed that I am prepared to work hard and take the course seriously.


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