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God has created this beautiful world with immense love and kindness. With Enormous affection Allah Almighty has given birth to his lovable creatures. He has given multiple colors to this world. He has formed Rivers, Oceans, Mountains, Stars and several other creations for the pleasure of mankind. He has given millions of shades to this mortal world. All are made for the gratification of human beings. Unfortunately, Human beings did not understand the motives of the creation of this world. Destruction and turmoil have become the fashion of the day. Terrorism is the gravest foam of destruction and disaster. It damages the internal as well as external infrastructure of every country. Insecurity and mental pressure have created a sense of self deprivation among masses.
At present, Pakistan has been facing the gigantic problem of terrorism. It has become the fashion of the day. It is regarded as headache for federation and a nightmare for public. It has colossal roots which spread inside the internal as well as external boundaries of Pakistan. Although it is global issue yet Pakistan has to bear the brunt of it. Pakistan’s involvement in war against terrorism has further fuel the fire. We are facing war like situation in Pakistan .This daunting situation is caused due to several factors. These factors included the followings which are summarized as below: Political instability, social injustice, inequality, self deprivation, religious intolerance, external hands and international conspiracies.
The term terrorism has been used millions of times around the whole globe. It is pertinent to know about the meaning of this soul trembling word. Terrorism is a use of force to create harassment. It is also used to create an environment of fear and violence. Basically there is no Specific definition of the term terrorism. International law has no definition to define or elaborate this term. Use of Authority for personal gains is also indicating towards terrorism.
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