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A Person I Admire

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A Person I Admire
I think mother is an ideal person for the majority of creatures which are called “people”. A human’s first view is a crying with happiness mother, so everyone must give necessary appreciations to her. It is simple to understand all mothers are different in their appearances, characters, but they are similar at the same time. This similarity is a result of their sincere love which unites all mothers.
  I take pride in saying I admire my mother the most in my family. I love my mother. I love my mother because she has got shoulder-length dark hair. I love my mother because she is neither too tall, nor short. I love my mother because she is brown-eyed pretty woman. I love my mother because she is not so thin. I love my mother for her nice freckles, for her rather thin eyebrows, for her constant smile-for everything.
  I respect my mother. I respect my mother because she has got a difficult character. She is very strict when she is not satisfied with anything, but she is very kind when the people around her do what she wants. I respect my mother because of her ability to make each member of our family laugh. Moreover, she can laugh at herself when we play tricks over her. I respect my mother for her diligence, for her easy-going, open-minded, creative and cheerful character.
  I admire my mother. I admire my mother for her lifestyle. She never falls into depression even when she is nervous. She is strong enough to manage with any kind of depression. I think this strength was collected during her not easy life. My mother often tells how difficult was to become the person as she is now. She often tells that she had to manage with her problems without any consultations of her mother because my grandmother was too busy. So, this made her powerful, and she always advices me to be strong.
  There is no worth to ask whether my mother is more important for me or my father because the answer will be rhetorical. I know the fact that both of them are...


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