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Desulfurization Equipment Desulfurization System Powder Production Equipment

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After the exhaust gas has a very long period of time over which , kerosene and other industrially produced by fuel combustion , flue gas can not be environmental treatment , resulting to bring some of our environment pollution. Recently, gradually accelerate the pace of industrial development , urban environmental awareness , innovation and daring people to try out the final practice , the application of lime or limestone ore material to purify kerosene gas , resulting desulfurization powder materials.

Use of limestone for flue gas cleaning kerosene , mainly using desulfurization process technology, and purified industrial raw materials into powder principles . vipeak Heavy Industries is a professional manufacturer of vertical mill , kiln -known enterprises such as processing equipment , it is for the desulfurization powder technology, we reached an agreement with a number of manufacturers , our enterprise vertical milling machine equipment, efficient rotary equipment carried out to promote and service work .
Straight- mill equipment
Desulfurization system vipeak mill powder production equipment
Use Gypsum , can greatly reduce the amount of natural gypsum mining , from the perspective of environmental protection and sustainable development, the reduction of natural gypsum mining , not only saves gypsum mineral resources, and can greatly reduce the exploitation , transport and ecological destruction environmental pollution. Gypsum plasterboard production of large-scale use , to find a new way to waste treatment plant flue gas desulphurization later, but also conducive to the lime / limestone - gypsum wet flue gas desulfurization technology to further promote the use of coal-fired power plants , helps to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide , helps to reduce secondary pollution caused by desulfurization waste dumps and land, protect the environment and land resources.
vipeak Heavy Industries is a...


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