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How to Adjust the Accelerator of a Ball Mill?

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The adoption of the drum type feeder can solve the previous problem. Meanwhile the innovation should be made to sand return system of the grader, such as lengthen the grader cell body, adjust the established angle, alter the distance between the ball mill and the grader, add the automatic sand return mechanism on the top of the grader so that the ore is discharged from the top of the grader, by the sand return sliuce, the attitude difference automatic flow and the crude ore sluice, enters into the feeder. The updated ball mill machine is of obvious energy efficiency as well as better Ball Mill Equipmentreliability and maintainability.

And the ball mill solution is that turning down the accelerator properly to decrease the sprout oil mass. When adjust the accelerator, it should be done by the experienced people. As in case the accelerator is turned down undersize, the lubricant oil quantity of the bearing will be insufficient and the friction force will be increased which makes the main bearing set temperature rises. Once the phenomenon can’t be dealt with, the main bearing will be burnt up. The speed of rotation (rpm) of the loaded ball mill is critical to success:too slow, and the milling takes too long; while too fast, and the contents (balls, ore and water) slam against the wall, inhibiting milling.Now use trial-and-error to discover the critical speed at which the centrifugal force pins the balls against the inside of the drum - they cease to roll and no longer fall. For this, the ball mill should be fitted with a variable speed drive.

The speed of a Ball Mill is in measured in revolutions per minute (rpm) of its drum.To measure this, you need a stopwatch (preferably that rings!) and a thick felt pen. Mark a bold line lengthwise on the outside of the drum. Then start the loaded ball mill and allow it to reach its steady loaded speed. Then press the stopwatch timed for a minute, and count the number of times the bold line comes into view before the...


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