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The article “The Optimist” is about a pair of twins which have totally opposite personality from each other. One of them is an optimist which feels happy all the time, and the other one always feels depressed. For balancing the twin’s personalities, a psychologist suggests their parents to give the best present to the pessimist, and give the optimist a box of manure on their birthday. However, when the pessimist receives his fancy gift, he just disappointedly complains about it. When the optimist opens his gift, he feels very cheerful because he thinks the manure will become a pony.
Actually, there are lots of different kinds of people in the society. Some of them are like the twins of this article, which are optimists and pessimists. The optimists always use a positive attitude to treat everything even when they meet difficulties and troubles. Certainly, the pessimists feel dejected all the time because they just see the negative side of everything. After reading this article, I remind of my friend which is an optimist. She always has smile on her face, even though she meets some difficulties. Her optimistic attitude influences me a lot.
In my opinion, I don’t completely agree the author’s point in the article. Obviously, we can easily know the author’s message is to show how the optimist positively treats everything and how the pessimist’s depressed expression when he receives such a good present. The author tried to show that being an optimist is much better than being a pessimist. However, I do think every coin has two sides, and being a pessimist also has advantage. In reality, being an optimist all the time is too idealize because no one can always keep optimistic to face different kinds of troubles. Sometimes, if we consider things in a pessimistic point of view, we can prepare for the troubles and failures which will possibly happen.


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