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Do You Study Operating Mechanism of Jaw Crushers

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Jaw breaker type many, at present in our country, the most widely used in the concentrator are simple swing jaw breaker and complex swing jaw crusher breaker two types.In recent years, due to the application of hydraulic technology, in a simple swing jaw breaker is made on the basis of the hydraulic jaw crusher, in the concentrator are applied. However, have you ever studied the operation mechnism of jaw crushers?

The detailed information about operaing mechnism of jaw crushers is as follows:

Ore crusher work, is by the fixed jaw and moving jaw of crushing cavity.Is the place of broken ore, so easy to wear and tear, it is equipped with removable liner, liner 14 and 16 usually adopt wear-resisting material of high manganese steel manufacturing. Outside the state adopts a nickel high wear resistance of high manganese steel and high manganese molybdenum steel manufacturing, but because its price is very expensive, so use less in our country.In broken soft ore, also can use chilled cast iron. Lining abrasion of the parts is different, usually lower wear fast, in order to prolong the service life, often make lining as interchangeable several pieces or can be turned back. For small crusher, use the back way. The jaw crushers an be extended using double or more than double.Large ore crusher, then use to wear more lining single block replacement or top and bottom plate swap, to extend its service life.

The surface of the plate is generally made from tooth profile, the arrangement of its teeth are the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw teeth and tooth valley relative, besides have a crushing effect on ore and chopping crushed and broken effect, is advantageous to the broken ore. Recently have tooth plate surface of lining board make it, the row ore mouth close to the line, this can make the broken product granularity and reduce sheet products and row ore mouth jam phenomenon. In order to make the lining and can be tightly and firmly between jaw joint together,...


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