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Legal Age of Driving

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In India you can get a drving license at the age of 18 years only. When you turn in to an adult , thats when you can vote , marry , drive , drink and do all the things an adult can !!
Although thats the legal driving age , you often see kids below that age taking out there parents car and taking it for a spin !!
While in the U.S , you can get a license at the young age of 15 years ( although it has restriction). And a proper license at the age of 16 years !Although , my question is also, do you think age - 15 - 16 years is too low for a person to drive . Thats the age when most kids aren't mature enough to be often rationale. Thats the age when you tend to go over the speed limit , and love doing a "dare" like driving with one hand , or hit and run , drink and drive ,etc etc !!
It is said , driving is not a right ..........but a priveldege , so use it judaciously !! Meaning , as a driver you are not in a wonderdfull machine that gets you from A - B point , but it can be a killing machine too if misused .!!
There will be 500 news reports for crashing daily if the driving age gets lower.
 People shouldn't be driving at an age of 13, or from late middle school to early high school. I've been taking a sewing class and I still can't handle the foot pedal well, which is almost exactly like the pedal of a car. Also, no parent can trust their children to be driving to school and back or to some place safely at such a young age. Plus, if the age is lowered, wouldn't that mean more driving of cars, more emissions, and more waste of gas and more pollution? I'm only 13 but I still am not confident that I can drive when I turn 14 or 15. Being at an age of 16 is more like you are getting responsible to drive, since you're going to get a simple job and you need to drive there. If we lower the age right now, people might lower if later until it becomes somewhere like 10. I can't imagine young people racing across city streets at 50 mph. There's also all these rules and...


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