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Be the Pioneers of Change

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The era of twenty-first century. Techno-savvy enlightened people. Active, alert, rationalist citizen, who is not ready anymore to tolerate the imbroglio in their respected countries. There is misgovernance across countries like Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Sudan. Revolutions are all around the globe. The intrepid fighter is on the road asking for his rights. The seethe in his heart has started to show up now. He is transigent now to seeking change. And India being the largest democracy is no exception to this. The state is corruption stricken, inflation is at its peak, women’s safety is at stake, misgovernance in every sector, discrimination, violence, and the list goes on- the Indian citizen is élite enough to understand every problem and is no greenhorn. One can hear voices ranting against the mess in the nation. But amongst all this darkness there’s a ray of hope that this will end up soon. That the common man will bring about a change. That he will not get accustomed to such tawdry affairs. There is a silver lining. We have today got an opportunity to enter into the epoch of change and we won’t let this go in vain. We will make a good fist of this opportunity.
Yes, there is helter-skelter all around the nation. There is negativity all around but the positive thing is that at least we have made an effort to surgery the complete ‘system’. For instance, let’s take up the 16 December Delhi gang rape case or the Lokpall bill which saw many citizens’ movements spar headed by NGOs and social activists. The youth joined these movements in huge numbers which drew public attention. It goes without saying that revolutions have changed the dynamies of democracy. And the good news is that there are oodles of protests going across the country. The number of pressure groups is rising; ‘Swaraj’ is what people what people want today. The Indian democratic setup has been travestied for long, which is no more tolerable by the common man now.
A problem can be completely uprooted...


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