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Drug Abuse

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Drug abuse is becoming more and more common in the United States. Drugs today are being abused mostly by teens and young adults. The reason for such high usage of drug abuse people may say is may be stress and peer pressure. Today’s society is often stressed out from work, friends, family, bills, and school. Our U.S government are forced to send billions of dollars every year on treating addicts with the proper care needed, drug related crimes, and trying to prevent the usage of drugs. Although drugs are becoming a treat to our society it can also be fought successfully. Drug abuse has taken a major toll on our community. Meanwhile abusers are not able to fit in like normal people or citizens. These addicts often try to abuse their families and are soon after need treatment. Another problem would be crime and police resources are needed to stop such acts of dealing. Society often looks at drug abuse as a problem that can not be dealt with but there are many solutions to this problem.
Education would be the most important fact of stopping drug abuse before it even starts. With the proper information being taught where young teens and adult can be educated but drugs can place an impact on our community. By the end of sessions or classes teens should have learned what drugs are, the reason for people doing drugs, and it consequences. Drugs should also be taught not only outside the child’s home but inside. Parents need to be more aware and informative themselves to talk to their children and answer any question needed. If parent feel that their child need to be more educated from what they have already told them then they should be able to carry them to a nurse or clinic where help may be provided.
Another approach would be to gather positive individuals to help police officers take dealers off the street. To speed up this act the government needs to increase police man power and put laws against drug


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