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Drugs can have a horrible effect on everything. Drugs is like buying cancer in a bottle.. It takes you in and you can never get out. Drugs are horrible. You could lose your trust to people, never have real friends and you could even go to jail! Everything could go down hill at your first drink or shot or sniff! Just think about it. Everything you could dream of having will go down the drain. You could even lose your job and your family. So don’t think that drugs is the answer to everything cause its not and   will never will.
Also think about the physical effects. One woman actually blacked out at a party and got raped while she was unconscious. She could face horrible consequences. Like unwanted pregnancy or some sort of disease. It’s scary what could happen when you black out because of drugs.
The most awful consequences is life. Meaning death. Death is a bone chilling word. The word death usually means an overdose of drugs. Some people just push it so far that their heart or lungs just cant take it anymore and finally gives up and stops working. Some people just won’t get help until they have to go to the hospital to get treated. That one is the scariest of all.
Preventing drugs is easy. Even if your friend is tells you to do drugs don’t. Actually if you were their real friend you should tell them to stop. Now it’s you who should decide to do or not to do drugs.

Joelle Taguba


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