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A Lovely Winter by Laiba Sehar

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Seasons are changed because of air moving around the sky it is moving because in some parts of earth there is very heat of sun and hot air come to the sky and cold air comes to the earth and this moving air around the sun cause to change the season.
In southern and northern countries of the world have four seasons summer winter autumn spring the earth covers it one circle around the sun in one year for some months southern parts are hot and northern parts are cold.
After autumn comes winter. Generally it is covered from November to January there is neither heat nor rain except a couple of light showers toward its close. In winter days are shorter and nights are longer and it is very cold and we have to wear woolen clothes December and January are the coldest months of the year. At hilly places snowfall is frequent.        
All things are made by almighty Allah and nothing is waste. winter have a job to gave water to all living things and winter does its job by snow felt on the mountains then in summer snow is melt with the heat of the sun and water is felt into the rivers and living things get water this system
Do you know that why our breath is white in winter? Ummmm …… it’s okay. We will tell you that When we breath in our breath there are some small tiny pores in our breath that cannot be seen with naked eye and when season is cold this hot breath is changed into cold breath tiny drops of water are changed into cold breath tiny drops of water are mixed into air and makes fog that's why our breath is white in winter.
In winter sun makes earth surface hot and this heat mixed in the year and when air reached into the mountains heat is remain on the mountains and because of this act temperature fell down and when the gases of the air do not mixed the heat of the sun there is coldest weather.
As you know that snow is very oily and when the oily part of your shoe touch the snow you can slip more easily skates make slipping more easy your weight on the skates...


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