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Do You Know the Installment of Stone Crusher

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The maintenance of stone crusher
1.the axletree of the crusher undertakes the whole load of the machine. So good lubrication has great significance to the axletree's life span. It influences directly to the life soan of the machine and the running rate. Thus, the lubrication poured in must be clean, and in good seal. Please fill the lubrication to the rolling bearing, all the gears, live bearing, roller bearing.
2.The newly installed strake must be examined regularly, because it is easy to loose connection.
3.Pay attention to each part of the machine about whether it is work normally.

Trail run of stone crusher
1.the machine should be installed on the plane concrete ground, and fixed with the stone bolt.
2.When stalling, pay attention that the main machine is vertical to the horizontal.
3.Configuring the power line and the control switch according to the driving system.
4.After installment, check the bolt and the door of mainframe.
5.After examination, you can step into the dead load trail run.

Treatment and testing of stone crusher
1.Tools: wrench, pliers, screwdriver, hammer,shovel and so on.
2.Necessary substitute accessories: short link chains of all kinds, chain stiching, bolt, nut and the insurance whistle of the crusher.
3. Lubricating oil and turbine oil
Examination and handling:
1. Make sure that the connection with each part is intact, complete and fasten. And the reducer and the hydraulic coupling are not having the condition of oil leakage and oil penetration.
2. The signal must be delicacy and reliable, no signal no starting up. The spray sprinkle must be in good condition.
3. Please hang the power cable and the pilot wire tidily. Make sure that they are not extruded.
4. Sweep the coals, sundries around the hand piece, electromotor and the reducer.
5. The walking machine of the reversed loader must stable and reliable.
6. Ensure that the safety nets of crusher and the protector will not transform and lose...


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