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The summary of the story “Do the right thing”
This story is about an English man called Tony. He had not got a job for 10 month, so that he had to face to the financial problem. He could not buy a present even for his son birthday and he had to sell the luxury to earn his family livelihood. His friend asked him to go to the racecourse and told him that he might be able to get a job there. After he arrived at the racecourse, he felt that no one want to talk about employment, but he found that somebody lost 50 pounds on the ground. He considered giving back to owner or not. After a while, he decided to give it back to the owner. And then, the owner bet 2000 pounds on horse race. Unexpectedly, he won the game and got 50000 pounds. The man was so happy and he invited Tony to go to bar for celebration. The man told about his own life from when he was young. And then, he watched horse race on TV. He felt ill with his heart when the game was over. Unfortunately, the man was dead. Tony took the money and came back home. This money solved his financial problem and he had a rich life. When Tony was watching television news one day, he found that the man was a philanthropist. Because the money was illegal, so the policemen came to catch Tony. (238 words)


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