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 Limestone Turned an Important Source of High-Tech Industrial and Construction Materials

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     Limestone is a truly versatile product. Limestone is mainly composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), can be used in the production of cement, concrete and asphalt aggregate, essential in the construction industry and industrial areas. Limestone is a lot of kind of "carbonate rocks", the most common as well as carbonate minerals calcite (pure calcium carbonate) or dolomite (calcium magnesium carbonate).
     Limestone has many industrial uses, or direct use of the product can then be processed into a variety of mined. It is the construction, agricultural, environmental and industrial raw materials.
     Limestone in the construction sector almost everywhere. In the production of gravel, crushed limestone reap more than half. In addition, the main component of limestone or manufacture of portland cement. Portland cement is one of the most important products made of limestone. It is critical to the application in the construction field. Some naturally occurring limestone is the most pure marble. For centuries, marble has been the government buildings and public choice of decorative stone statues. Travertine is also used to make tiles and desk sets of Dimension Stone. Some white crushed limestone simply look for house decoration.
     Limestone powder is used to remove impurities from the molten metal, such as iron and steel. It can also be used in coal-fired power field cleared of toxic compounds in exhaust gas. In addition, the limestone is also commonly used paper, plastic and paint production areas. And even the purest limestone used in the manufacture of food and medicines, such as breakfast, such as oatmeal and calcium. Limestone is the production of lime (calcium oxide) materials, lime is commonly used to adjust soil, water purification and copper smelting, has been widely used in the chemical industry.
     Dolomite slightly smaller range of applications, most mined dolomite simply crushed...


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